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I like IN.FORM because it EDUCATES participants on what’s wrong with your body and to fix it, PROVIDES participants with all the supplements needed, and is AFFORDABLE. Unlike all the trial and error I went through over the past 24 months, this Clinically tested program puts it all in a simple 90 Day format and trains people to lead it.

Detox Drink

In my healing journey from Candidiasis and Leaky Gut, I have had to do a lot of DETOXIFICATION!! I mean hard core and intense. At one point all I drank was water, this detox drink, and eat green veggies!! It is worth it though because I am hive free and feeling a million times better than this time last year! This detox drink came from one of the healing protocols I used The Ultimate Candida Diet.

Everlasting Life!

I’m excited to be moving into the second phase of the Everlasting Life Detoxification & Regeneration Program. I was turned on to this a few years back (2008) while I lived in Chicago and it is phenomenal.  Challenging, but phenomenal.  It’s a multi-phased program designed to give a full body cleanse.  It hits all major …

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Candida Chronicles – Filter out the bad!

Its time to take it to the next level.  There are chemicals in water that irritate the skin so it was suggested that I look into a water filter to help with my situation.  So I ordered and installed this baby a few weeks ago.  While I am still dealing with some facial issues, the …

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Candida Chronicles – Vitamin C & Acid Washing?

The journey continues.  I am still on the ultimate-candida diet and actually enjoying fixing yummy and unique foods.  The problem is that I am still experiencing issues such as eczema, inflammation, and itching 🙁 I know a lot about beauty an skin care, but this thing has me stumped. So I did what I know …

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Candida Chronicles #8 – The Drs

Covering all bases, checking out an allergist & GI! Conventional medicine doesn’t seem to be helping but I’m giving the MDs a chance to help out. Also continuing with emotional release and healing. http://fitcoachkania.com/tag/candida/

Candida Chronicles #9 – Cleanse & Detox

Gotta hit this on multiple fronts. Taking on a full digestive system cleanse. http://www.koyfmancenter.com/digestive.htm More at http://fitcoachkania.com/tag/candida/

Candida Chronicles – Liver/Lymph Cleanse

Continuing my digestive system cleanse http://www.fitcoachkania.com/tag/candida

Candida Chronicles #10 – The Saga Continues

Making some changes in my care team, integrative medicine & emotional release continues. www.fitcoachkania.com/tag/candida

Candida Chronicles – TCM

So it’s been almost 2 months and I am having to work hard tonstay encouraged. The great news is reinforcements arrived last Wednesday.  My good friend came down to help me out for a couple weeks.  My sister-friend is also committed to health and wellness,  yet has her own challenges to overcome. I am soooo …

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