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Try a New Burger Before this Summer is Over

This is a guest post by Lisa Cain, PhD, a.k.a Snack-Girl and originally appeared here. I know what you are thinking – “Hello, lovely…..nom nom nom” Yes, that is a portobello mushroom burger that you will be making before this summer is over. Everybody loves to talk about eating less meat, but few will admit to liking a mushroom …

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Recipe: Sumac-Spiced Chickpea and Black Bean Salad

This is a guest blog post by Amanda Natividad of NatureBox. It was originally posted here. This filling, protein-rich salad is fresh and easy to make. With the salty bite from the parsley and brightness of the sumac spice, you’ll be scarfing down second helpings in no time! Serves: 6 Prep time: 15 minutes Ingredients: …

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Why You Should Make Your Own Breadcrumbs

This a guest blog post by Bridgett Kidd, MPH, RD For most families, breadcrumbs have become a pantry staple; a quick addition to all kinds of recipes.  Breadcrumbs provide meatloaf with its perfect shape, give casseroles a crisp topping, and can transform vegetable and pasta dishes.  With a nearly infinite shelf life and a simple …

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