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Sriracha Shortage? No Worries, Make Your Own Hot Sauce!

Sriracha hot sauce has reached cult status over the last few years. Now that the news of a potential shutdown of its manufacturing plant in Irwindale California have reached the public, there seems to be a mild panic in the hot sauce junkie crowds. For those not familiar with the Sriracha hot sauce, it is …

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Prepare These Pickles Today to Upgrade Your Fourth of July BBQ to Heavenly

Warning: After making these pickles, you’ll never want to go back to the store bought stuff. Fourth of July is coming up, and many of us will be celebrating not too far from a hot dog or burger. A nice crunchy pickle on top, or on the side, can seriously improve one’s life. Prepare these …

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Here’s Why You Should Add Chicken Feet to Your Soup

This is a guest blog post by Chef Rob Endelman. It’s been cold and I’ve been making a big pot of chicken soup almost weekly. The preparation is straightforward: I put chicken pieces (usually two whole legs, a neck or two and a handful of hearts) into a pot and add chopped onion and/or leeks, minced …

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