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Candida Chronicles – Liver/Lymph Cleanse

Continuing my digestive system cleanse http://www.fitcoachkania.com/tag/candida

Candida Chronicles #8 – The Drs

Covering all bases, checking out an allergist & GI! Conventional medicine doesn’t seem to be helping but I’m giving the MDs a chance to help out. Also continuing with emotional release and healing. http://fitcoachkania.com/tag/candida/

Candida Chronicles #9 – Cleanse & Detox

Gotta hit this on multiple fronts. Taking on a full digestive system cleanse. http://www.koyfmancenter.com/digestive.htm More at http://fitcoachkania.com/tag/candida/

Candida Chronicles #10 – The Saga Continues

Making some changes in my care team, integrative medicine & emotional release continues. www.fitcoachkania.com/tag/candida

Candida Chronicles #6 – Treatment for the mind

Restoring whole health involves more than just taking medication & changing the first. How I’m taking on dealing with stress as part of my healing. Heading into hypnosis! http://fitcoachkania.com/tag/candida

Candida Chronicles #5 – It’s complicated!

Candida is complex, the strategy for full restoration has to be multi-faceted. I’m taking on multiple body systems AS WELL AS mind & spirit!

Candida Chronicles #7 – Mind, Body, SPIRIT?

I went to see a psychic, YES a psychic, to see if this attack is happening in the spiritual realm. What I found was better! Quantom Biofeedback https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trGUv0Dklw0 http://www.fitcoachkania/tag/candida

Candida Chronicles #2

Update on my progress. More at http://fitcoachkania.com/tag/candida/