Sep 29

Candida Chronicles #3


So the saga continues.  I am maintaining my treatment regimen,  have added a couple things, and am getting into the mind/spirit aspect of my healing.

I am sad to say I’m seeing a resurgence of the hives 🙁  I think the prednisone was suppressing them and now that I’m off it…they’re back and itchy as ever. My HOPE was that as I took the steriods AND my supplements, by the time they worked their way out my system,  I’d be past die-off. Not the case it seems,  so onward we go.

Wholistic medicine has the skin and connected to the liver, also looking at how my forehead is impacted points to the digestive system. What they have in common is removing toxins from the body. I’ve been doing this detox thing for a couple weeks yet while I’m eating lots of fresh veggies and drinking tons of water, I have not been eliminating easily or consistently.  When I’m stressed,  I get backed up, and being backed up creates a breeding ground for Candida 🙁

More than just being stressed liver issues and infections point to ANGER & frustration. So this is why I have to approach this healing from physical,  mental, emotional, and spiritual angles.  As I wrote in part 1, it’s not lifestyle in terms of what I eat, but how I “digest” my negative emotions.  As I look back I see the slow progression of this situation,  my joy, drive,  light-heartedness slowly wained as life kept happening.  Many people say that’s just getting older,  but I know better, reconnecting with my joy is key to my healing!

Hypnosis – I had my first session last Friday. The goal with this is to uncover and more importantly transform any subconscious beliefs/thought patterns keeping me from reaching my goals.  It was an interesting experience,  not at all what I expected.  I’ll be doing at  least 5 sessions.

Meditation – This is already part of my spiritual practice, but trying to do seated meditation while experiencing severe itching is more than a notion. I am going to take on moving meditation,  I have a Tai Chi video series,  the movement is also good for getting my digestive system moving.

Colon Cleanse/Enema – I REALLY don’t want to get a colonic or do an enema, but I have to get cleaned out.  I’m trying to handle it from the top down with water, herbs, Smooth Move tea, and even castor oil, but if need be I’ll go from the bottom up if it means relief!

Sauna/ Detox Baths – I’m visiting the sauna at my health club 3-5x’s a week to sweat out some of these toxins & taking baking soda or epsom salt soaks to pull them out through the skin.

Acupuncture – I’m going to check out an acupuncturist to see about getting this qi moving! I’ve only been one other time, so that is sure to be an adventure I’ll share.


Joyful Activities – From a metaphysical standpoint,  I need to get re-centered in my Joy. I realized I am working too hard and worrying too much about accomplishing things. I have taken this term off from school and just released one of my TechnoDiva clients so I can focus on healing myself. I find joy in music and dance, so I am joining a Belly Dance troupe, will be taking dance classes, and continuing with my drum lessons. I am alsona Girl Scout Troop Leader this year and look forward to being a positive force in the girl’s lives.

Right now I’m itchy and irritated, I need a drink…but there is no alcohol allowed during a Candida Cleanse. *sigh*

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