Sep 30

Candida Chronicles #4 – Sleep Deprivation Sucks


I haven’t been this exhausted since I was pledging Delta Sigma Theta back in ’95!

Imagine feeling like your skin is on fire, there is acid shooting through your veins, and itching from head to toe, and you have my experience of the wrold right now. As recent as Saturday,   most of the inflammation seemed to subside, but I think it was the drugs 🙁  Yesterday,  it came back with a vengeance.  The rash is all over my chest, arms, back and stomach and it stings!

Since Labor Day weekend it’s been off and on and I just want to scream (think I’m gonna do it in my pillow). I’m at my wits end here and so very frustrated. I’ve been taking the Candex, drinking the Detox Tea, and eating this restricted diet for almost three weeks, and still with this?! Aaargh

No I’m not giving up, but man IDK what else to do. The MD doesn’t think its Candida, and the ND says be patient.  I have an appointment with a Dermatologist in the  morning,  hopefully when he sees my  current state he’ll take this more seriously.

I really wanted to be all-natural with this,  but I may have to cheat because I need relief! I’m not a fan of steroids, but if I have to choose between this pain and having to slowly deal with Steroid withdrawal later, I may go that route.  As for sleep, tonight I’m trying melatonin after a Epsom Salt detox bath, with me luck! *fingers crossed*

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