Feb 05

Candida Chronicles – Adrenal Fatigue

Bandages from week long patch test

Bandages from week long patch test

Still slugging away at this health challenge. Lots of great news. I have exhausted the  tests for contact dermatitis and found out I am allergic to Tea Tree Oil and Formaldehyde (did a week long patch test with my new Dermatologist). I kinda knew about the Tea Tree Oil because any time I tried to use it, it only made the situation worse, but it’s good that it’s official now!  The bad news is that I have not been using any products with these ingredients. So the quest for wellness continues.

Once I ruled that out I was led (through prayer and meditation) to my next modality CHIROPRACTIC CARE.  I found a great Groupon for a series of 3 sessions, x-rays, AND a massage for only $89!!  We she found is some subluxations in areas related to…ALLERGIES, THYROID, HIVES,CONSTIPATION, and ECZEMA to name a few.  Seems my spine is shifted to the left a bit.  I am blessed that my insurance covers up to 20 visits, but even still affording the care is NOT going to be cheap.  BUT seeing as I will no longer be paying 2-3 $60 co-pays a month to my regular doctors I will be able to swing it.

At this point the hives are gone (THANK GOD). I think the Candida Crisis is past (although I’m still taking it easy) and now I am still healing and restoring other aspects of my body.
I have these awful dark patches on my cheeks, neck, chest and underarms and still some eczema-like symptoms going on. I have been busy researching and I got back to one of my early suspicions of Adrenal Fatigue or Hypothyroidism. The thing is traditional western doctors don’t believe in Adrenal Fatigue (big surprise) and my symptoms are a mix of both (see this awesome matrix I found)

The cool thing is that they are booth related to the GLANDULAR system. So I’m going to do another round of supplements designed to support my Endocrine/Glandular system. Now that the candida is not as ferocious perhaps we’ll see more results!

I’m taking on this 3 Step Adrenal Fatigue Protocal by Dr. Axe and claiming victory!!  I’m already on a healing dietary regimen (although I did have a couple cocktails last month),  just ordered my supplements, and am implementing more rest (geting in bed by 10p which is RIDICULOUSLY EARLY for this night owl).  No matter my commitment to being 100% again is more important that late night creative genius so it is what it is. 

On the metaphysical front I am incorporating two affirmations


They come from “You Can Heal Your Body,” by Lousie Hayaround the Thyroid and Adrenals.

This new supplement protocol along with the Chiropractic care and affirmations is what’s on deck, stay tuned for updates!!


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