Nov 07

Candida Chronicles – TCM



So it’s been almost 2 months and I am having to work hard tonstay encouraged. The great news is reinforcements arrived last Wednesday.  My good friend came down to help me out for a couple weeks.  My sister-friend is also committed to health and wellness,  yet has her own challenges to overcome. I am soooo grateful to God for bringing such wonderful people into my life.

As for today’s topic TCM stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine and that’s what’s next.  I am committed to a more expeditious recovery so I brought in a new tool! My first treatment (acupuncture) was Tuesday.  I can’t say there was immediate relief,  but like anything I am giving it time. I go back tomorrow for session two.

My practitioner speaks little English,  but there is a translator and he says my Earth energy is off.  Of course the geek in me had to start researching TCM and I found this AWESOME resource (5 Elements Summary). From the test and reading I feel my Earth and Metal are low, I’m going to ask for his recommendation on which TCM Herbs from my nutritional line (Nature’s Sunshine) to use.

More details later.

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