Sep 22

Candida Crisis Chronicles #1

imageIt’s been a rough few weeks really accepting that what has been going on with me is indeed a candida crisis.  As I wrote in my last blog, after about two or three years of suffering from various symptoms finally got to the bottom of what was going on with my health, a Candida overgrowth that permeated my entire system and has wreaked havoc on my immune system digestion, and overall well-being.

After 2 years on a gluten-free diet (thinking wheat was the real issue) I began the healing process with an elimination diet and detoxing that of course led to the dreaded die-off. I was itchy and inflamed and feeling awful so I went even deeper into prayer and meditation asking that what I needed to do to get some relief. One thing in particular came to me it was my lymph nodes, I noticed they were swollen and these itchy bumps and shooting pains I was experiencing from the detox were congregated around various areas where my lymph nodes are.  So I decided to take on lymphatic drainage, please note: this is not a good idea when your body is inflamed or infected. I went online to YouTube and found some basic techniques for self lymphatic drainage. Out of my prayer & meditation my plan became to go and get a massage to help things move along through my body and finally decided to go to the sauna at my gym to help myself sweat out the toxins as well.

When I got to the massage therapist they cautioned me against a massage given that I was taking antibiotics as well as prednisone. I should share that before I went I did ask my doctor if it would be a good idea for a massage and a sauna and was told yes. So against the best wishes of the massage therapist I went ahead with the treatment. While on the table I could feel things moving and readjusting in my body at one point I was overcome with the need to go to the restroom, number 1(good thing because I was not eliminating). This thing is when I stood up and looked in the mirror my face was super swollen, I was a little nervous but thinking I just needed my next dose of my prednisone because the massage helped move things along quickly my body.

I took my meds, went and did my sauna, and ended with a self performed lymphatic drainage massage. Again I felt things moving but what had been somewhat erratic shards of pain going through my body in areas where my lymph nodes were, with the drainage, began to feel like acid moving through my veins or something! Whatever toxins were in there were certainly moving AND it hurt. I also realized my face was getting more and more tight and when I looked in the mirror by about midnight I could see that the swelling was extending to my eyes. Anytime this extreme swelling on your face anywhere near your eyes or breathing pathways you do not want to play so I hustled myself to the ER. The doctors increased my dosage of prednisone as well as gave me a prescription for a higher intensity anti-itch medication. 

I made it home at about 3:30 in the morning in a lot of pain and with the swelling starting to go down. I knew I was on to something with the lymph thing but man was it painful.  I was shaking and even though I’ve taken some ibuprofen nothing was helping. The problem was being in severe pain in it soon is it makes it hard to pray or meditate so instead I got myself moving I just started doing different yoga moves jumping jacks hopping about just anything to help move the fluid it through and out of my body. I finally got to sleep at about 4 .or 5 o’clock in the morning.

Over the weekend,  I continued with the medication and movement

My current plan of treatment*

  • Medication: Prednisone is helping with the swelling, Hydrozine helping with itching,
  • Movement:  helping with draining out the lymph fluid (I’m doing the 5 Rites of Rejuvenation)
  • Water: my continual intake of lots and lots of water is helping flush my system
  • Diet: adherence to the candida diet is starving those bad boys
  • Supplements:  probiotics, detox tea, Candex, EFAs (lots & lots), zinc, Vitamin C, Immune System Boosters,  chamomile tea (at night),
  • Mindset: affirmations, resting,  prayer, meditation, reducing stress, incorporating more fun & joyful activities into my life.
  • Body Care: dry brushing before shower & before bed, extreme moisturizing cream with Vitamin E Oil applied all over body morning & evening,  and throughout day as necessary, gentle washing with light exfoliation on face to remove dead skin, periodic RAW honey & tumeric masks to reduce inflammation and support regeneration of skin

Once I complete the course of medications prescribed by the doctor and get the critical situation of inflammation and severe itching calmed down, I will continue with the other holistic approaches. In addition I will be looking into what are some of the self limiting beliefs in my life causing me to have trouble realizing my goals. This long term frustration is the main source of my stress. Looking at my overall lifestyle and thoroughly researching Candida I am convinced that mine is mostly due to long-term stress. It’s not due to poor diet for taking lots of antibiotics. What I know is that our mental and emotional well being truly will manifest itself in a physical experience. I am taking a break from school and will use the next 10 weeks to simply focus on bringing more peace and harmony into my existence. I will keep you updated


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*Please note nothing in this blog is meant as medical advice or treatment, I am simply sharing what I am doing.  Please consult your doctor before attempting any treatment or diagnosis


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