Jun 05

Day 1 – Shakeology Cleanse

I’m taking on the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse and rounding out Day 1.

Why am I doing this you may ask?  Well over the past few weeks I have been eating out…a lot and not always the BEST food for me.  I’m using this cleanse to do just that clean out my body and do a mini reset.

I started out by…weighing myself.  That’s big for me because I typically stay AWAY from the scale because I know that numbers can and usually are misleading.  However, for the sake of this experiment, I wanted to see how this undertaking impacts the scale.

First step was getting my supplies.  I already get Shakeology shipped to me monthly so that part was easy LOL.  what I did have to do was snag the rest of my goodies.  The nice thing about this cleanse is that it’s pretty low cost.

As this writing, I’m winding down day 1, so far so good.  There is a protocol to follow in order to get the most out the event, so I started the day with a cup of Green Tea ( I iced mine because it’s hott down here).  The tea gave me a needed energy boost this morning.  I drank a lot of water and thoroughly enjoyed my snacks.  I feel pretty good and can’t wait to  eat my dinner!

Stay tuned for updates on day 2 & 3!  If you’d like to take on the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse find out more!
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