Jul 05

FIT 4th – My Healthy Holiday!

Healthy Holiday!!

Healthy Holiday!!

I know the holiday’s can be a tough time to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle…NOT!  Here’s the truth, I don’t “DIET.”  I have tried and it doesn’t work.  Instead I have committed to a healthy lifestyle.  I like the concept of the 80/20 rule.  MOST of the time I make good choices AND I eat DELICIOUS food, but I know how to make good/tasty food that is also healthy.  You can too. 

I had a last minute cookout this fourth with friends and yes we kept it healthy.  Some of my less enthusiastic about eating healthy friends had to admit EVERYTHING was delicious (they went back for 2nds LOL).  The surprise hit of the evening was my Sweet Potato Salad.  I had one traditional and 1 Korean Sweet Potato (snagged it at the farmer’s market) chillin in the fridge so I decided to experiment.  I found a recipe and used it for my inspiration.


I subbed Rice Vinegar and added pepper, & parsley for a little more flavor.  Recipe –>


The corn is what kicked it off!  I woke up wanting Corn on the Cobb roasted in the husk on the grille.


  • Peel back leaves and remove corn silk
  • Rub with a little butter (yes real butter)
  • Pull leaves back up and secure with twine or rubber band
  • Soak in water for about an hour or so
  • Place on hott grille rotating occasionally

When they are done, they need no additional salt, butter or anything else, just delicious!!!

Grilled Veggies

  • Carrots, Zucchini, Green Onions/Scallions, Red Onions
  • Chop veggies into bite-sized pieces
  • Toss with olive oil, cumin, salt,

I used this cool vegetable basket thingy on the grille to cook them!

GrillPro 98121 Porcelain Coated Square Wok Topper

The protein was a combination of steak, smoked sausage, burgers, and salmon.  For dessert…ICE CREAM FLOATS!!!!

The rest of the meal was contributed by other guests!  All in all a more healthy than not way to enjoy a cookout with friends!


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