Feb 12

Fit, Fabulous, and PREGNANT?!!

A Healthy You for a Healthy Baby

I spoke with one of my Divas the other day and she shared that while she HAD been interested in some of my Exotic Dance classes she JUST FOUND OUT SHE’S PREGNANT!!!  Besides the awesomeness of giving birth, she also shared that she knew she’d have to put off her fitness goals until AFTER the baby.  NOT SO!!!!

Studies have increasingly shown the importance of a regular fitness routine during pregnancy. Not only is it good for your heart and muscles, but it can help relieve some of the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy, like morning sickness, aching back, fatigue, and constipation. Some studies have even shown that being in good shape can reduce your time in labor. It can also help with weight control, so that you can keep in shape without depriving your baby of nutrition.

Yoga Booty Ballet’s Teigh McDonough gave birth to a healthy baby boy. During her pregnancy, she used her years of fitness training and expertise to develop Baby On the Way, a workout designed specifically for expectant mothers. Using gentle, effective techniques, including yoga and stretching, Teigh helps mothers-to-be prepare their bodies and minds for the amazing experience to come!!

I am soo happy to be able to share this program with all my ladies who are expecting!

FYI, Just in case you’re suffering from that dreaded morning sickness make sure you brew up a little ginger tea and consider taking some golden seal(be sure to heed the warnings!!)!


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