Nov 26

Good food fast!


Photo Credit: www.lehighvalleymarketplace.com

On the go I always have a delimma about how to stay committed to my  fit & fabulous lifestyle when I need to eat.  Adding to this, my new “gluten free” diet and its gets even more challenging. To make matters worse,  try doing it in an urban environment, where being “healthy” is  NOT a top priority. No worries because “where there is a will there is a way.”

I’ve been in Detroit for an extended period of time due to a family emergency and after about 2-3 weeks of randomness,  I had to get it together.   My favorite go to when in the south, Chik fil-a was not an option, but
grilled nuggets, fruit cup, and lemonade or water is a wonderful quick, delicious,  and nutritious combo.

So last night I went to Wendy’s! Believe it or not they have a great selection of choices. Not really to be eaten while driving, but for a quick sit down you’re golden. I had a single with no bun, garden salad with vinegarette dressing, and baked potato. It was tasty and while killing the bun was better, the BEST option would be the grilled chicken sandwich sans the bun. Either way it was affordable, filling, and balanced.

The key to the whole eating food fast while keeping fit is to try to stop and eat if you can, because eating while driving is fail, AND the convenience of a bun or wrap, can also get in the way of taking advantage of the salads and other healthy options available at fast food restaurants these days. Got a little more time? I find Chipotle and Qdoba to be AWESOME options!


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