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How to Overcome Candida Naturally

*sigh* I’m in the midst of a healing crisis and maaan it is kicking my butt. It all started about 2 years ago when I became gluten intolerant. I did a 21 day total body reset and when I tried to re-introduce bread back into my diet, all hell broke loose!

What prompted the 21 day cleanse with that I had been feeling increasingly tired and achy and run down. When Beachbody announced the 21 day reset and all the benefits of the program, I knew it was the perfect program for me. It promised you would get a fresh start and that by slowly introducing things back you would be able to tell what things were wreaking havoc with your body. They did not lie, I was sad because although I’m not a super bread person I do like sandwiches and pasta in cookies and soy sauce all sorts of things you would never think have wheat or gluten in them off limits. To make things worse it was right around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday; that meant no dressing for the kid!#fail

I began researching gluten intolerance and what it means to live gluten free. There were a few setbacks and I found myself in urgent care a couple of times due to severe allergic reactions to being secretly glutened.It was very frustrating at times, but at the same time educational. I’ve truly had to learn new ways of cooking; what has been fun is learning and exploring alternative grains and sources of carbohydrates that don’t include gluten. If you’ve watched or read any of my fit tip videos / blog you all know some of my favorites including: quinoa, millet, and amaranth.

Although I have learned to live with it, I still didn’t like the idea of having such restrictions. But more than that I was increasingly this year having more episodes of breakouts and not understanding why. I have been gluten-free so what was causing it now? Luckily with the institution of Obamacare/The Affordable Care Act, instead of the minimal insurance I had for catastrophic instances I was able to secure full on health insurance, yay me! I went to an allergist and he tested for a couple things but could not find a definitive answer that was maybe it was immune related and suggested a full blood workup including testing for autoimmune diseases such as lupus and diabetes. All this was happening over this summer in the midst of a huge allergic situation which includes hives, swollen glands, and lots of discomfort. I got shot up with antibiotics and steroids all this summer. As a result I wasn’t even really able to enjoy the Sun as many of these medicines make you photosensitive 🙁 .

The good news is that all my tests came back negative, my healthy lifestyle and eating habits had all my numbers and levels looking good. But that still didn’t explain what’s going on with my body! I continued to detox and eat clean and take allergy medicine while praying and affirming wisdom and insight.

Finally over Labor Day weekend I was kind of okay, still itching a little but no rashes or super swollen glands and I decided to go out and have a lot of fun going out to events and drinkingsocializing. ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE with my skin & body!

Out of my prayer & meditation work, I was directed to take myself to a naturopathic Doctor and she finally was able to explain what is going on. What I didn’t know was that the true cause of my gluten allergy was indeed Candida also known as yeast. Yep the gluten intolerance and the subsequent increasing sensitivity to things all stems from an overgrowth of Candida in my body! I won’t try to explain it all, but know that drinking wine or liquor while in a Candida Crisis is a HUGE no no. See the article above for why. So now I’m in the midst of healing my body from Candida.

It is not simple in fact what you experience sometimes when you start healing feels worse than the symptoms of candidiasis! What I know is that its all necessary and has been needed it for a while. I think this all began the first time I had antibiotics back in 2011 in addition to living a stressful, go go go lifestyle. I’ll be sharing this healing journey and know on the other side, I am fit, fabulous, and satisfied mind body and spirit!

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