Nov 07

Pasta & Rice are Back!

Stay Fit and HealthyIn this ongoing healing journey, one food group that STAYS on the “bad” list are CARBs. I’m not gonna lie, as much as I am committed to returning to WHOLE HEALTH, this gluten-free, low carb lifestyle gets me a little irritated at times! I miss pasta, and rice and PIZZA!!! I do treat myself to gluten-free versions of these favorites from time to time, but I know that my BEST bet is to leave them alone for a while. So what’s a Fit Coach to do?!

There are several creative solutions to living the low-carb and/or gluten-free lifestyle including Cauliflower Rice and Spaghetti pasta, and there is a new player in the game, Miracle Noodles! I saw these advertised on Facebook and decided to give them a try.  I ordered the Mini Variety Pack so I could see all that had to offer.  Over the past few weeks I’ve used them in a variety of dishes and I have to give them a thumbs up!

The Good:

Sharataki/Miracles Noodles are made out of Konjac plant  and much like the Reishi Mushroom have a variety of health benefits such as:

  • weight loss
  • decreased cholesterol
  • diabetes control
  • gastrointestinal regulation. Live Strong

Unlike the roasting and prep work that go into making Cauliflower Rice and Spaghetti Squash, Miracle Noodles are QUICK to prepare!  They also look and work like regular pasta.

The Bad

Miracle Noodles are not 100% konjec, so do not offer ALL of the benefits of the plant.  They have no taste and there are some potential side-effects of too much Konjac.


Shirataki/Miracle Noodles are good.  No they don’t taste like regular pasta and aren’t magic, but they are quick almost no carb, no sugar, gluten-free option to make things like stir-fry and pasta dishes.  As with anything new, try it first and see how YOU and YOUR body feels about it.  Enjoy!!

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