Nov 04

Tight Hips? You’ve got STRESS! Get some relief with these tips!


Click Image for a Stress Relieving Posture Series!

We carry fear & stress in our hips. This series of postures help to release it!

One of reasons I incorporated Yoga into my wellness regimen is that it has benefits on the Mind, Body, & Spirit levels! A huge part of lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes,  Multiple Sclerosis,  and high blood pressure is STRESS! We’re not taught how to HEALTHILY cope with stress, so over time it, or our unhealthy coping mechanisms (eating, drinking, drugs, shopping, etc…) make us sick and/or broke!


The series of yoga postures in this article helps open the hips which is one of the places we store stress in our bodies. Doing this series WITH the RELIEF BLEND of essential oils will maximize results!  If you add in some Finger Holding during your meditative cool down, you’re winning on a whole new level!

Wanna know more about how to heal and release stress and fear trapped in your body?  Contact me!




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