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Winter Cleanse

clean-1445150-639x517 It’s the beginning of the Calendar Year and like many I’m taking the time to clean out my system (especially after all the holiday fun).  I tend to think of Jan – Mar as the end of the year, because Spring is the time for newness (and my Birthday!).  This is a great time to release, reflect, and go within. Honoring the way nature rolls, now is NOT the time to start a bunch of projects, but rather to put things to bed.  Winter officially began December 21/22 (depending on your timezone), and now is a great time for a winter cleanse. I’m eating clean and supplementing with a few awesome products.  My healing and restoration to wholeness from Candidiasis and Leaky Gut is ongoing, but MOST of what I recommend is great for EVERYONE looking to OPTIMIZE their well-being and PREVENT getting into my situation!

  1. Clean Eating – I’m cutting out Dairy, Processed Sugar, Wheat, and fried foods, and phasing out meat.  There is a meal plan available with recipes if you want support on this.  FYI if you do eat meat, switching to Free-range, non-hormone, non-antibiotic, kosher or halal meats is ideal (more expensive, but worth the investment)
  2. Supplements – I have a gang of things I take to heal my digestive system, but there are few standards I recommend for a nice cleanse (6 wk minimum/3 month ideal) and rebalance
    1. Detox Drink – This is a SIMPLE concoction that you start drinking 3 times a day before a meal for the first week and then switch to 1st thing in the morning ongoing.
    2. Pau D’Arco Tea – you may have heard about “magic tea” for sale, and this isn’t that, but this particular herb is PHENOMENAL! Read all about it here –> http://fitcoachkania.com/tip/pau-darco/
    3. Clean Start this is a wonderful kit that makes a full system cleanse easy.  I recommend at least 3 cycles of this 14 Day program, but 3 months (12 Wks is best).  This product alone includes a gang of things I take separately b/c I am intensely providing my body with what it needs to heal.  A short list includes:
      1. Bentonite
      2. Chlorophyll
      3. Aloe Vera
      4. Psyllium Hulls
      5. Ginger
      6. Dandelion Root
      7. Milk Thistle
      8. Echinacea
      9. AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!
    4. Nature’s Harvest – Providing a GREAT nutritional base of GREENS protein, vitamins & minerals.  I start my day with it! message me if you want to try a free sample!
    5. Probiotic 11 – by now you’ve heard why we need probiotics so I won’t go into all that, but while you’re drinking that detox drink & Pau D’Arco Tea you’re gonna be killing of lots of Gut Bacteria that in excess is bad (ie Candida) and you want to replace it with the GOOD STUFF (probiotics).  During this cleanse take at least double the recommended amount minimally.

GOOD LUCK and let me know how this works out for you!!!! [mp_list_products paginate=”1″ order=”ASC” tag=”winter-cleanse” filters=”0″]  


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