Dec 21

Workout Blues


Just completed an awesome workout, but I wasn’t feeling so great going into it.  Matter of fact , my blue feeling is exactly why I headed to the gym!

My sister transitioned this past October and after two months of first trying to help her heal and then dealing with her unexpected death I have been in the dumps. The whole eating on the run thing had me put on a few pounds and the fact that my clothing is a little snug combined with the grief has been a recipe for depression.

So what is a Diva to do when feeling down? Well shopping was on suggested remedy, but that is not fun for me.  I do love to eat, but that would only make me more…fluffy!  I took it to God and in meditation I got the directive to join a gym and start taking classes and working out.  As a Beachbody coach I felt weird about it.  I have great at home workouts, why join a gym to get fit?

Long story short this is not about business its about my physical and more importantly my emotional fitness.  Working out creates endorphins and endorphins make you feel good! Going to group fitness classes builds comraderie and since I’m feeling the loss of a loved on, the class environment is awesome.

It’s been a week its working.   Anytime I’m feeling down, I head to the gym.  As the holiday approaches and I spend time with friends and family, the sense of loss is more acute, so today’s workout was needed before my BFF’s holiday party.  Right now I’m feeling great and on a post-excerise high!

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