Nov 10

Candida Chronicles – Vitamin C & Acid Washing?

The journey continues.  I am still on the ultimate-candida diet and actually enjoying fixing yummy and unique foods.  The problem is that I am still experiencing issues such as eczema, inflammation, and itching 🙁

I know a lot about beauty an skin care, but this thing has me stumped. So I did what I know to do when I reach the limits of my knowledge…I go to God!  Through this all I’ve been praying and meditating about what I need to do to heal.  I have gotten a lot if insight and action steps.  For example instead of complaining about what I CAN’T eat, I was directed to remember I looove to cook and to embrace the opportunity make new and delicious foods. 

photo credit :https://www.chansonalkalinewater.com/cart/skin-balance-4oz-glass-spritzer-bottle-with-acid-water.html

photo credit :https://www.chansonalkalinewater.com/cart/skin-balance-4oz-glass-spritzer-bottle-with-acid-water.html

So given that I have spent years looking to natural techniques for being healthy, fit, and fabulous I remembered about ACID water.  Yeah…ACID WATER.  It’s kinda like alkaline water, but you don’t drink it…you use it for cleaning (http://www.energiseforlife.com/wordpress/2010/08/18/amazing-acid-water/). So I headed to my local health food store and got a gallon to use on my face to help move this along.

So I’m on Day 2 and I’m not sure of what is happening yet, but I am peeling…a lot.  Giving it a few more days.


As for the Vitamin C, according to The Candida Diet “Vitamin C helps with Candida overgrowth in three ways. First, it provides support to your adrenals, two small organs that are crucial for your metabolism and blood sugar regulation (as well as your body’s production of things like anti-inflammatories and antihistamines).

Second, Vitamin C boosts your immune system and gives your body the best chance possible to fight off the Candida yeast. Lastly, it helps boost your stomach acid, which slows the Candida overgrowth.” find out more

So I am taking high doses of it.  Keeping the faith!

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