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Nov 07

Pasta & Rice are Back!

In this ongoing healing journey, one food group that STAYS on the “bad” list are CARBs. I’m not gonna lie, as much as I am committed to returning to WHOLE HEALTH, this gluten-free, low carb lifestyle gets me a little irritated at times! I miss pasta, and rice and PIZZA!!! I do treat myself to …

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Unfortunately it happens so here are a few ways to minimize the fallout!

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Oct 06


There are essential nutrients our bodies need in order to restore balance and wholeness. When they are depleted due to lifestyle, environmental, and other factors, disease (especially chron

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Mar 01

Hashimoto’s it is more than just a thyroid disease! – EAT FIT HEALTH

God is good! I just got a call from my Aunt. She was excited because she saw a television story about a woman dealing with symptoms similar to mine and explaining the connection between leaky gut, eczema, preservatives in the food, gluten, thyroid, fatigue, and everything else! She called me with a name and is …

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Feb 07

Indian Food Archives – My Heart Beets

Oh my Jesus, I am estatic!  I was led to a Paleo website with INDIAN RECIPES! I adore Indian food so I am already hungry to try things like gluten free samosas and Kadai Chicken. Check the link below and bon appetite Posted from WordPress for Android

Dec 26

Gluten Free Dump Cake

I wanted something sweet for the holidays, ideally peach cobbler, but I’m gluten free and my family is Old School 🙁  So I made a gluten free version of this dump cake recipe I found!  I had to make ot my own so I: – switched the cherries for peaches – added vanilla extract,  cinnamon, …

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Sep 17


How to Overcome Candida Naturally *sigh* I’m in the midst of a healing crisis and maaan it is kicking my butt. It all started about 2 years ago when I became gluten intolerant. I did a 21 day total body reset and when I tried to re-introduce bread back into my diet, all hell broke …

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Jul 29

#fitcoachkania #deliciousandnutritious

Very tasty lunch yesterday! I subbed salmon for chicken and millet for quinoa. Get the recipe here –> Posted from WordPress for Android

Jun 09

Gluten Chronicles – I got glutened :-(

Ugh, I am having a severe allergic reaction to something.  Is it gluten?  I am 95% sure, but having just secured affordable healthcare I am making it my business to get officially tested. For now I’m sticking to my conclusion based on the simple process of eating and then not-eating foods with gluten and experiencing …

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Jun 30

Adventures in Gluten Free Living-Applebee’s vs Friday’s

Vs I love food, cooking, eating, and serving,  so when I developed this gluten allergy last October/November I was sad.  I went from being able to eat anything I wanted to this very limited world where I run from bread, soy sauce, & pasta (two of my favorite foods are Macaroni & Cheese and Fried …

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