Sep 13

Belly Groove ATL!


Belly Dancing is an ancient  dance form. Thought to have originated in Northern Africa and the Middle East, in modern times it is usually performed by women to middle-eastern inspired music.
Belly Dance is a great form  of exercise for flexibility, and opening the root and sacral Chakras.  It was originally taught to young women in order to strengthen the abdominal muscles in preparation for childbirth and performed by women for women for entertainment.  The movement style of Belly Dance can be seen in other dance forms like Hula and various African dance styles.  It cultivates muscle tone, flexibility, and muscle control.

Belly Groove fuses all the physical benefits of Belly Dance with modern soul, hip hop, and house music.  During an Exoticise Belly Groove Class, Workshop, or Event, you will learn Belly Dance Moves, muscle isolation,  flexibility, and choreography!

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  • $50 for the series
  • $10 Single Class Advance
  • $15 Drop-In

Repeats: Weekly until Wednesday, 9 November 2016 11:59 pm  on every Wednesday
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