Mar 01

Hashimoto’s it is more than just a thyroid disease! – EAT FIT HEALTH



God is good! I just got a call from my Aunt. She was excited because she saw a television story about a woman dealing with symptoms similar to mine and explaining the connection between leaky gut, eczema, preservatives in the food, gluten, thyroid, fatigue, and everything else!

She called me with a name and is sending me a book! It was funny when she said “Kania was telling the truth!”

My latest research pointed to something glandular, but the doctors insisted my tests looked fine. Thankfully God had my Aunt find out about this, there is a specifec test for Thyroiditis/Hashimotos Disease! I’m gonna make an appointment with an endocrinologist and demand it!


Did some research for natural treatment and I’m on the right track!

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