Jul 17

Create Your Own Juice Detox Program From Home

You have probably noticed juice detox programs where you buy a set of “pre-juiced” juices, that will last you the entire day or longer, are big business now. Here are a few pointers on how do set up your own program so you have more control over the juices in your program and save you some money.

1) Plan ahead your juice program so you can prepare all your juices in one sitting in the morning that will last you that day. This way you save a ton of time and only have to clean your juicer once.

2) Use Mason jars or other glass bottles with lids to help keep your juice fresh longer since you will be drinking one bottle every few hours depending on your goals with your program. You can put these juices in a cooler to take to work with you as well if you want to enjoy fresh juice at work.

3) Change up the formulas for each juice so you do not get tired of drinking the same juice repeatedly during the day and this also provides a larger array of nutrients.

Even if you are not wanting to do a traditional detox, this is a great way to get more fresh juice into your daily routine since the biggest obstacle for most people wanting to juice several times a day is the thought of having to clean up multiple times.

Here are some juicing recipes to inspire your planning: Juicing Recipes

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