Feb 22

Grape Beet Cleansing Juice Recipe

Want to enjoy the cleansing benefits of beet juice, but having a hard time drinking straight beet juice? This recipe helps to compliment and reduce the intensity of the sweetness. By adding grape juice you add in a more familiar sweetness that compliments beet nicely while the cucumber helps to cut down on some of the sugar of the finished juice.

If you are just getting started with juicing beets, you might want to add in more cucumber and adjust the beet to your ideal taste profile.


1 cucumber
1/4 to 1/2 beet root ( more or less to taste)
2 cups of grapes (red if more sweet, green if you want a more tart juice)

Wash and process the ingredients as you normally would and according to what fits best in your particular juicer. Add in the beet according to level you are most comfortable with. Remove the grapes from the stems before adding them and follow with the cucumber.

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