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Jan 18

Spinach, Lentil & Wild Rice Casserole

This is a guest blog post by Carrie Forrest, MPH. This casserole is a wonderful meal that is chock full of healthy ingredients like spinach, wild rice, lentils, and peas. The cashew cream sauce provides creaminess and flavor, with very little added sodium. To make the preparation easier, cook the rice and lentils the day …

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Nov 11

Your First Recipe with Nutritional Yeast – Easy Pesto Casserole

This is a guest blog post by By Ginger Hultin, MS, RD, LDN. Nutritional yeast does not have the most appealing name and some people may confuse it with the type of yeast you use to make bread (baker’s yeast) or beer (brewer’s yeast).  Nutritional yeast is deactivated which means it is no longer a living …

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Nov 03

Yummy & Nutritious Dessert Idea: Chia Seed Pudding

This is a guest post by Elizabeth Lee, MS RD. Since preparing this pudding for the first time last year, it has become a staple in my fridge. This simple dessert has won many praises at an office potluck, wowed a few guests at dinner parties, and has been a highly requested recipe from coworkers …

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Oct 25

Can Candy Be a Superfood? This Halloween, Try Kiwicha Candies

This is a guest blog post by Manuel Villacorta, MS, RD, CSSD. Kiwicha, also known as amaranth or “mini quinoa” is a small pseudo cereal noted for its dense nutritional content.  Kiwicha has been farmed in Peru and other areas of South America for over 4,000 years and was widely used as a subsistence crop. …

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Sep 28

Recipe: Vegetable Noodles with Creamy Avocado Sauce

This is a guest post by Megan Roosevelt, RD, LD. It originally appeared here I love noodles and I love vegetables. I think it’s safe to say, I love food! The other day I was in the mood for a cold, crisp, refreshing meal that also had some texture and was simple to make! Ta …

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Sep 06

Food for the Teenage Soul

This is a guest post by Lior Torenberg, a high school senior and foodie. If you’ve ever been hungry and tired at the same time, then you might understand my frustration. If not, try picturing this: It’s nine-thirty PM, I limp through the front door and growl loudly. “Was that me?” I frown and rub …

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Aug 05

Try a New Burger Before this Summer is Over

This is a guest post by Lisa Cain, PhD, a.k.a Snack-Girl and originally appeared here. I know what you are thinking – “Hello, lovely…..nom nom nom” Yes, that is a portobello mushroom burger that you will be making before this summer is over. Everybody loves to talk about eating less meat, but few will admit to liking a mushroom …

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Jul 27

How Sport Drinks Companies Trick Us (Plus 4 DIY Recipes)

This is a guest post by Vani Hari a.k.a Food Babe. Let’s face it – Sports drinks like Gatorade and PowerAde are some of the worst things you could possibly put in your body. They are made up of mostly chemically treated & refined sugar (as much as a typical soda), artificial colors, artificial sugars …

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May 13

Clean Eating for Busy Families (3 Easy Recipes)

This is a guest post by Michelle Dudash, R.D. Every parent knows what a struggle it can be to get dinner on the table night after night-they want to prepare healthy meals for their families, but picky eaters, busy schedules, and way-too-long cooking times always seem to stand in the way. That’s why I wrote …

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Mar 22

Cooking Mediterranean: Orange Fennel Salad Recipe

This is a guest post from Meri Raffetto, RD. It’s interesting seeing the reaction of people after all the recent buzz about the Mediterranean Diet. I’ve read posts where people think this means it’s time to pile on the pasta again and load up on cases of red wine (not quite the way it works), but mostly I’ve seen hesitation …

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