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Jun 21


I like IN.FORM because it EDUCATES participants on what’s wrong with your body and to fix it, PROVIDES participants with all the supplements needed, and is AFFORDABLE. Unlike all the trial and error I went through over the past 24 months, this Clinically tested program puts it all in a simple 90 Day format and trains people to lead it.

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Jan 21

(RA) Rheumatoid Arthritis Protocol

As a wellness coach, I work with individuals dealing with a lot of different challenges. Most recently I consulted someone living with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and working together with her and after lots of research and consultation, I came up with this recommendation towards health and healing.

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Unfortunately it happens so here are a few ways to minimize the fallout!


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Feb 05

Candida Chronicles – Adrenal Fatigue

Still slugging away at this health challenge. Lots of great news. I have exhausted the  tests for contact dermatitis and found out I am allergic to Tea Tree Oil and Formaldehyde (did a week long patch test with my new Dermatologist). I kinda knew about the Tea Tree Oil because any time I tried to …

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Jan 13

Fit Kit: It’s Tea Time!

Wondering what to drink when you’re committed to being fit? I mean soda is out but guess what’s in? TEA!!!   Some of my favorite teas can be found in my Fit Coach Kania Amazon Shop

Nov 12

Candida Chronicles – Filter out the bad!

Its time to take it to the next level.  There are chemicals in water that irritate the skin so it was suggested that I look into a water filter to help with my situation.  So I ordered and installed this baby a few weeks ago.  While I am still dealing with some facial issues, the …

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Nov 10

Candida Chronicles – Vitamin C & Acid Washing?

The journey continues.  I am still on the ultimate-candida diet and actually enjoying fixing yummy and unique foods.  The problem is that I am still experiencing issues such as eczema, inflammation, and itching 🙁 I know a lot about beauty an skin care, but this thing has me stumped. So I did what I know …

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Nov 07

Candida Chronicles – TCM

So it’s been almost 2 months and I am having to work hard tonstay encouraged. The great news is reinforcements arrived last Wednesday.  My good friend came down to help me out for a couple weeks.  My sister-friend is also committed to health and wellness,  yet has her own challenges to overcome. I am soooo …

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Oct 27

Meditation for Healing

Part of this journey is regaining balance physical,  mental, emotional,  and spiritual.  Meditation is an awesome tool. I combine it at times with my prayer and/or yoga practice.  Today I incorporated a mudra (hand position) that symbolizes vitality and energy. This link has some great information on what the different mudras mean. Enjoy! http://www.eyogaforbeginners.com/hand-mudra-meanings-explanations-and-benefits/ Posted …

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Oct 16

Candida Chronicles – Liver Detox/Flush

As part of my healing program I’m doing a full digestive system detox. I started off with the intention of just doing a colonic, but while searching for a Groupon we came across a program called the whole digestive system cleanse. This doctor offers a comprehensive protocol to address your small intestines large intestine, kidneys, …

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