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Oct 11

Daily Regimen 10/5/14

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Oct 11

Daily Regimen 10-3-14

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Oct 11

Daily Regimen 10/4/14

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Oct 02

Candida Chronicles – Coffee Enemas for Detoxification

http://www.healingnaturallybybee.com/articles/enema1.php Man I don’t wanna do this, but I am more committed to getting healthy then to my wants, needs, &  desires. The good news, is that I have been eliminating some, however I know I still need some serious detoxification& I think my liver is really compromised. My skin is still really really itchy …

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Sep 30

Candida Chronicles #4 – Sleep Deprivation Sucks

I haven’t been this exhausted since I was pledging Delta Sigma Theta back in ’95! Imagine feeling like your skin is on fire, there is acid shooting through your veins, and itching from head to toe, and you have my experience of the wrold right now. As recent as Saturday,   most of the inflammation seemed …

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Sep 29

Candida Chronicles #3

So the saga continues.  I am maintaining my treatment regimen,  have added a couple things, and am getting into the mind/spirit aspect of my healing. I am sad to say I’m seeing a resurgence of the hives 🙁  I think the prednisone was suppressing them and now that I’m off it…they’re back and itchy as …

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Sep 24

Watch “Candida Chronicles #2” on YouTube

Candida Chronicles #2: Posted from WordPress for Android

Sep 22

Candida Crisis Chronicles #1

It’s been a rough few weeks really accepting that what has been going on with me is indeed a candida crisis.  As I wrote in my last blog, after about two or three years of suffering from various symptoms finally got to the bottom of what was going on with my health, a Candida overgrowth …

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Sep 17


How to Overcome Candida Naturally *sigh* I’m in the midst of a healing crisis and maaan it is kicking my butt. It all started about 2 years ago when I became gluten intolerant. I did a 21 day total body reset and when I tried to re-introduce bread back into my diet, all hell broke …

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Jun 09

Gluten Chronicles – I got glutened :-(

Ugh, I am having a severe allergic reaction to something.  Is it gluten?  I am 95% sure, but having just secured affordable healthcare I am making it my business to get officially tested. For now I’m sticking to my conclusion based on the simple process of eating and then not-eating foods with gluten and experiencing …

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