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Apr 21

Protected: Shake-n-Share!!!

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Banana Coconut Cruise – Shakeology

Banana Coconut Cruise 1 serving Tropical Strawberry Shakeology 1 cup coconut milk ½ tsp. vanilla extract ½ banana  For the best taste experience, use a blender and add ice. The more ice, the thicker it gets. Feel free to use any kind of milk or milk substitute (almond, rice, or coconut milk)—the more milk, the creamier it gets! Enjoy! Calories: 269


Feb 19


What is the Shakeology Sampler?

The Shakeology Sampler is meant to give you a chance to

Start feeling the “energy” from Shakeology as well as many other benefits!
Try a variety of flavors to find the one you like best

Before committing to your monthly health & nutrition investment!!

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Feb 18

Best Shake on the Market?

People have asked me why drink Shakeology when the Visalus shake is cheaper. My answer is always they aren’t the same type of product so you can’t really compare. If you look at the ingredients of Shakeology vs the Visalus Shake it’s obvious.

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Feb 02

Strawberry Shakeology 5 Day Test Group

ATTN: Free 30 Day Supply of the New Strawberry Shakeology is up for grabs in the new Strawberry Shakeology Test Group!

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Jun 05

Day 1 – Shakeology Cleanse

I’m taking on the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse and rounding out Day 1. Why am I doing this you may ask?  Well over the past few weeks I have been eating out…a lot and not always the BEST food for me.  I’m using this cleanse to do just that clean out my body and do …

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Feb 07

WHY Shakeology?

Drinking Shakeology is a lot like brushing your teeth and exercising—you’ve got to participate in these healthy habits every day to see their benefits. The more you do it, the more you can experience these advantages.

Here are 5 reasons you should drink Shakeology daily:

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